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YAAARC Propeller Bot

Download both the Propeller IDE Tool and Sample SPIN Code to your desktop. Then install the Propeller IDE Tools but double clicking on the file. The Propeller Manual is installed with the Propeller Tool but I listed a link to it anyway.


YAAARC Propeller Robot - with front bumper, Line Senors and Vex RC Receiver

This is the same basic YAAARC Propeller Bot with an example Front Bumper, Line Senors and Vex RC Receiver. In this example the bumper was fitted with two 1"x3/4" blocks which were attached using CA glue and mount flush with the top of the bumper and in 1/4" on each side. CA glue works very well on Expanded PVC and will not come apart. Originally the bumper was going to be attached using aluminum L-brackets but the Aluminum stock that I had was too large and I didn't want to run out to the hardware store.


YAAARC Propeller Robot - Basic Bot

This is the basic YAAARC Propeller Bot that most completed on the first build night. I didn't get to put my bot together until the following weekend. Since I'm working on adding a bumper and sensors across the front of the bot, I went ahead and drilled some holes.


YAAARC Propeller Robot - Basic Bot (bottom view)


Parallax Propeller USB Proto Board with Connectors and Resistors

Use the above picture as a map to solder the connectors in place. It's usually best to just solder one pin on each connector and insure that all is well before soldering the remaining connections.


Parallax Propeller USB Proto Board showing resistor connections before triming

In this photo I attempt to show that you should bridge the tails of the resistors over to the female connector before cutting the leads on the resistors.


Parallax Propeller USB Proto Board showing resistor connections after triming

This photo shows what the connections should look like after the leads are trimmed and soldering retouched.

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